Ringwood Folk Club  Dec 2016

6th Dec Free Entry Informal evening (tunes, songs &poems)
13th Dec Free Entry Informal evening (tunes, songs &poems)

20th Dec The Mellstock Band
Christmas In Mellstock

Carolling Rounds & Christmas Revelry in Hardy’s Wessex. Dave Townsend (Director) - Concertina, Fiddle, Voice. Tim Hill - Clarinet, Voice. Philip Humphries - Serpent, Voice Charles Spicer - Oboe, Cor Anglais. Voice Follow the Mellstock Band as they go their Christmas rounds in deepest Wessex, encountering strange visitors, pious beasts, wrathful squires and sweaty dancers. There are mummers, disasters, ghosts and curious musical instruments, all depicted in the wonderful words of Thomas Hardy and William Barnes. The Mellstock Band return to their roots in a show built around the descriptions of Christmas festivities in the works of Thomas Hardy and his friend, the Dorset dialect poet William Barnes. Entry £10.00

27th Dec, 3rd Jan closed for Christmas & New Year
10th Jan Free Entry Informal evening (tunes, songs &poems)

17th Jan Stompin Dave & Professor Oz