Ringwood Folk Club  Sep - Oct 2016

Tues, The Elm Tree Hightown, Ringwood, BH24 3DY
Times 8.00 - 10.50 (pub’s Tel. 01425 472516)

27th Sept Ian W Brown
http://www.ianwbrown.com/ Entry only £4.00

4th Oct Free entry - Informal evening (tunes, songs and poems)

11th Oct The New Scorpion Band
Long overdue return of one the all time favourites of the club. The 4 of them all sing & play over 20 different instruments including
· harmonium · bassoon · banjo · guitar ·laouto
mandolin · lute · violin · viola ·rebec · trombone
curtal ·bagpipes ·flute · brass ·
The New Scorpion Band is one of the most entertaining and original groups in British traditional music. Their virtuosic playing, rich vocal harmonies, sophisticated musical arrangements and spectacular collection of traditional and historical instruments combine to create the distinctive sound that has won the New Scorpion Band a wide following, both in Britain and internationally.
http://www.new-scorpion-band.com/ Entry £10.00

18th Oct Free entry - Informal evening (tunes, songs and poems)

25th Oct Back to the Shack
2nd visit from the Goodtime music band.
Back To The Shack are a fantastically talented acoustic quartet featuring brilliant singing & playing from Brett Nevill (Double Bass) Axel Keim (Dobro, Guitar) and Julian Phillips (Accordian) & Izzy Onslow (Vocal/Percussion). They have played at many great festival stages, bars, cafes, arts centres and well known venues. The trio play a heady brew of foot-stomping blues/folk and classic Americana, all performed in their own distinct style. They are quickly establishing themselves as one of the most entertaining musically interesting trios on the scene. Take time to listen on their website, they are truly outstanding.
http://back2shack.com/ Entry £6.00

1st Nov Free entry - Informal evening (tunes, songs and poems)

8th Nov Nick Dow
3rd visit of Nick Dow who has been singing traditional Folk Songs for over Forty years. He has had a big influence on the Folk scene. Recently award winning English Folk Musician Jim Moray has quoted Nick as an influence singing two songs from his repertoire.
Nick is an acknowledged expert on West Country Folk Song. Together with wife Mally, has collected over 300 songs in Dorset, & and discovered singers in Lancashire & Essex. He has also made recordings of Gypsy Singers, some of which have been included on Topic Records ’The Voice of the People’.
Nick Dow has returned to the Folk Scene after a long absence. He spent several years building up his business of Signwriting and building and restoring Gypsy Wagons.
Nick has lived an amazing life, travelling half way round the world, living on the road with the Travelling Folk and learning their songs, working as a TV and Film Extra, broadcaster, Narrowboat painter, writer, Folklorist, Guitar Teacher General Dealer. Every song Nick sings has a story attached to it, and his gigs are as informative as they are entertaining.
http://www.livingtradition.co.uk/webrevs/ohm705.htm Entry £6.00

1st Nov Free entry - Informal evening (tunes, songs and poems)

29th Nov - Bob Fox’s Warhorse musicians show